ECSA devient de plus en plus BIO

La certification délivrée par bio.inspecta confirmée également pour 2024

ECSA devient de plus en plus BIO

La certification délivrée par bio.inspecta confirmée également pour 2024
20 septembre 2023

ECSA devient de plus en plus BIO

Thanks to the increasing attention that consumers devote to BIO products, national and international regulations have now higher requirements.

For this reason, ECSA Group is proud to confirm that, after an audit carried out in mid-September 2023, the BIO certifications regarding the handled products have been renewed.

A special thank goes to Nicola Zaffuto (REACH Coordinator & Officer Compliance) and Sara Bettoni (Customer Service – ECSA Chemicals) for the excellent work done and for the important result achieved.

The international BIO certifications demand uniform quality requirements. They follow the entire chain, from production to processing and sale. Traceability and indisputable evidence represent a factor of major importance in international trade. The goal is to make the cultivation, processing, and trade of products credible.

ECSA Group is constantly committed to guaranteeing the quality of its processes thanks to a dedicated team and continuous control.

« The main activities that ECSA carries out are preparation, trade and import that should respect bio.inspecta basic requirements, CH Ordinanza bio and Bio Suisse. »

« Preparation activity concerns only Glycerin 99.5% BIO, while for all the other products only trade and import activities are carried out. »

Nicola Zaffuto - REACH Coordinator & Officer Compliance

On the EASY-CERT platform, it is possible to freely check Swiss companies that have the Bio Certification and the related registered products.

With regard to certification in accordance with the basic bio.inspecta AG guidelines, it is possible for products that do not fall within the scope of the Federal Ordinance on Organic Agriculture (OBio RS 910.18) or the Organic Standards of bio.inspecta (EU equivalence).

Namely for:

  • Cosmetics
  • Raw materials for cosmetics
  • Ethereal oils
  • Detergents
  • Pet food
  • Fish feed
  • Fish and fishery products (products from aquaculture)

as well as other processed agricultural products not included in the accredited field of the Organic Standards of bio.inspecta.

In addition to the certifications described above, ECSA Group also markets two products belonging to La Gemma brand: GlucoWheat 45/80 Bio 11144 and GlucoWheat 60/79 Bio 11160 which are subject to the Bio Suisse directives.


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