Cooling Agent WS-3 & WS-23

Gli agenti raffreddanti vengono utilizzati nelle industrie alimentari, cosmetiche, dei profumi e farmaceutiche

Cooling Agent WS-3 & WS-23

Gli agenti raffreddanti vengono utilizzati nelle industrie alimentari, cosmetiche, dei profumi e farmaceutiche

Cooling agents are substances that provide a cooling sensation when consumed orally or applied topically. Therefore, they are widely used in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco industries.

Cooling agents can be divided in natural (derived from plants) and synthetic (chemically synthetized). Natural cooling agents include eucalyptus oil, camphor oil, peppermint oil and menthol.

Synthetic cooling agents include WS-3 and WS-23.


CAS no. 39711-79-0

Chemical name:

  • N-ethyl-p-menthane-3-carboxamide
  • N-ethyl-2-(isopropyl)-5-methylcyclohexanecarboxamide

WS-3 is an almost water-insoluble white powder crystal. It is soluble in Alcohol. Products like air care, biocides (including disinfectants and pest control solutions), perfumes and fragrances, polishes and waxes, washing and cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and personal care items (like lipstick and skin coolants) all contain it.

It is also used as a cooling agent in food industry in mint formulas, confectionery and oral care products.

WS-3 provides a strong and long-lasting cooling sensation. The cool taste is at the beginning very mild, but gradually increases to a long-lasting chilly taste with hints of mint and camphor.


CAS no. 51115-67-4

Chemical name

  • N,2,3-trimethyl-2-isopropylbutamide
  • 2-Isopropyl-N,2,3-trimethylbutyramide

Application: confectionery products, dairy products, beverage, chewing gum, tobacco, Oral care products (like toothpaste), skin cream, air fresheners.

WS-23 is a white powder crystal soluble in alcohol and slightly soluble in water. It is a common ingredient in various products such as perfumes and fragrances, cosmetics and personal care products, air care products, biocides which include disinfectants and pest control products, polishes and waxes, as well as washing and cleaning products. Additionally, WS-23 is frequently used in e-liquid and oral care items.

WS-23 provides a cooling effect without any taste or odor. It is suitable for high temperature processes as baking since it has a good heat resistance up to 200°C.


WS-23 is a newer cooling agent compared to WS-3, that has been already used for many years.WS-23 is soluble in water and can be used in a wider range of products and e-cigarettes compared to WS-3. WS-23 has a stronger and longer-lasting colling effect than WS-3. WS-3 has a cool taste with minty flavor whereas WS-23 has a cooling effect without the minty flavor.


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